Highly Skilled Vehicular Maneuvers

Author’s Note:

Though all of these skillful vehicular maneuvers are ostensibly attributed to various nationalities in name, they were probably all invented in the greater Los Angeles area.

The Mexican Sneak

How to do it:

If you have an unprotected left in a busy intersection, simply put the gas pedal to the floor as soon as you get a green light and turn before oncoming traffic can get going.

Utility Factor: 8
Safety Factor: 4
Exhilaration Factor: 6
Coolness Factor: 3

The Cuban Cruise Missile

How to do it:

If you are behind an annoyingly slow driver and cannot pass on the left, utilize any right-turn lane that may appear by moving into it, accelerating drastically, and moving back in front of the slowpoke before the turning lane ends.

Utility Factor: 9
Safety Factor: 3
Exhilaration Factor: 9
Coolness Factor: 5

The Chinese Fire Drill

How to do it:

When you come up to a light that has just turned red, park your vehicle and command all occupants to proceed to the nearest exit, run around the vehicle as quickly as possible, and return to their seats before the light turns green again. (The purpose of this drill is to make sure that there are not any portions of the vehicle or the surrounding asphalt that are on fire.)

Utility Factor: 3
Safety Factor: 5
Exhilaration Factor: 4
Coolness Factor: 7

The Trans-Pecos Pleasure Cruise

How to do it:

Take a full-size pickup truck and line the bed with plastic. Fill the plastic-lined bed with water and invite some attractive friends to a pool party. Get some chump to drive and cruise around town.

Utility Factor: 2
Safety Factor: 6
Exhilaration Factor: 3
Coolness Factor: 10


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